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Ok Its Fake

If you done your research its actually not. This is the ORIGINAL when the Creator was still a student. He then released the original project from back in his student days. 

hahaha this is so annoying but so fun to play! :)

the hand movements really irritated me... :D

Very good game, im late but still !

Octodad is a must play game if you wanna alot of fun. Not only is the controll unique in itself. But the game has a good story behind it. This is the funniest student project I ever played and they improved so much on everything later for the game Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  

The best part is that this student project is still free so all of us can enjoy it. Definitely a game everyone should try. 

Who Ever Came Up With The Idea For This Game Is A Pure Genius!




I have played the sequal on my Wii-U, but time to rage with harder controls on the Macbook Pro.

Touch controls work on the touchpad. :)

I used a mouse but it wasn't any harder than the wii u version.


I wanted to play through this before i played through octodad deadliest catch but i am stuck on the end :(


Having trouble climbing the ladder?


Happy to see this here! I thought this was a paid game (If it was I'd purchase it, iiif I had the means).  So this makes a part of me happy. Thank you :)

This one is free, but the sequel is paid. You're welcome!